• Great Deal on Refurbished Oscilloscope from Keysight: 200 MHz. 4 Channels Plus 8 Digital Channels SALE: CAD $2,997.97 BUY NOW
  • Digital Soldering Station SALE: CAD $119.97 BUY NOW
  • Constant Power Switching Power Supply - 80 Watt SALE: CAD $299.97 BUY NOW
  • NEW FROM KEYSIGHT! MSOX3024T 200MHz Digital Touch-Screen Oscilloscope - 4 Analog + 16 Digital Logic Channels price: CAD $6,270.00 BUY NOW
  • NEW FROM KEYSIGHT! MSOX3012T 100MHz Digital Touch-Screen Oscilloscope - 2 Analog + 16 Digital Logic Channels price: CAD $5,111.00 BUY NOW
  • NEW FROM KEYSIGHT! DSOX3012T 100MHz Digital Touch-Screen Oscilloscope - 2 Channel price: CAD $3,530.00 BUY NOW

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customer service

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Welcome to Active Tech Electronics! We are one of Canada’ s largest authorized distributors of electronic production equipment and supplies. With over 10,000 parts stocked in our stores and thousands more in our warehouse, Active offers our customers a great selection at competitive prices.


Active Tech March Flyer now in effect


Be sure to browse through our March flyer featuring many new items and special sale prices.  Click on the flyer image above for all the details.  It is in effect until April 4, 2015!

What to do when you experience a power failure


  Electronic Components and Power Failures Now that we have covered some of the basic principles of how electronics work on this blog, it is time we touched on another area, what happens when electronic components don’t work? Before you run to your local electronics store to buy a new d...

Active Tech Electronics

Today’s market is full of businesses trying everything they can to get you to buy their electronic components. At Active Tech though, we feel that our business is about more than just selling you electrical equipment, it’s about making sure that you end up with the electronic parts that are right for your home or business, that are going to endure wear and tear, and that are sold at a fair price.  Active Tech has a wide variety of equipment for your everyday needs. Active Tech also carries some of the biggest names in electronic components today including NTE, Mode Electronics, and Circuit Test. Browse our website and find out for yourself why you will want to make Active Tech your one stop shop for all your electronic needs.


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