SMT Pads, 50x50mil Pads, Size 3 (100x160mm), 0.8mm thick

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MFG Part #: SP3T-50x50-G
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SMTpads-3U-Thin is a prototyping circuit board with a grid of pads for 0402, 0603, 0805, 1206, and other SMT parts.  A grid of 42 mil square pads on 50 mil centers allows SMT components of various sizes and pitches to be mounted.  Larger components can span pads. SOIC (50 mil pitch) and DIP (100 mil pitch) integrated circuits can be soldered directly to the pads without adapters.  A solid ground plane on the bottom side provides an easy was to make ground connections.There are unplated holes spaced every 500 mils.  To make a connection to the ground plane, just insert a wire and solder both sides.

  •     Double-sided high-quality FR4 glass-epoxy circuit board with unplated holes
  •     Square SMT pads on 0.050” centers for surface mount components
  •     1oz/ftsq copper with an anti-tarnish coating for easy soldering; lead-free and RoHS compatible
  •     0.031" (0.79mm) holes (unplated) for connections to the ground plane
  •     Standard single height (3U) Eurocard/VME size: 3.9" wide