Motion Frame for Seeeduino Film

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The Motion Frame is a motion sensing extension board for the Seeeduino Film system. Its flexible, lightweight and slim design is ideal for wearable device projects. It consist of a barometer (HP03M), a 3-axis accelerometer (MMA7660FC) and a 32Mb serial flash memory module (W25X32). This provides sensing and logging of altitude, temperature, air pressure and motion for your Seeeduino Film project.

The Seeeduino Film system uses boards connected by a 20-pin ribbon cable in a daisy chain pattern. They feature 0.1" (2.54mm) breakout holes allowing you to easily prototype with the modules.

  •     Flexible, Ultra small / Slim form factor
  •     Seeeduino Film compatible
  •     I²C Barometer
  •     I²C 3-Axis Accelerometer
  •     SPI 32M-BIT Serial Flash
  •     0.1” pitch pad breakout
  •     20 pin daisy-chain flex bus
  •     Transform by cutting and chaining
  •     Reinforced to increase endurance