PANAVISE Circuit Board Holder

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MFG Part #: PV-209
Estimated Weight:
0.8 lbs.
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Ideal for light-duty field repairs, electronics, hobbies and more!  Attaches securely to any smooth, flat, non-porous surface.

  •     Head moves through three planes: 210° Tilt, 360° Turn and 360° Rotation; locks into position with a single knob
  •     Grooved jaws are made of reinforced thermal composite alloy [continuous heat tolerance to 350°F (177°C), intermittent heat up to 450°F (204°C)]
  •     Jaws are 2" (50.8mm) tall, 1" (25.4mm) wide, and open to 2.875" (73mm)
  •     Arm movement is 140°; the control knob locks the arm firmly into place
  •     Base diameter is 3.4" (86.4mm)
  •     Overall height: 7.5" (190.5mm)
  •     Weight: 0.8 lbs. (0.4 kg)