EXO™ Crimp Frame w/ EXO-EX Die

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MFG Part #: PLT-100061C
Platinum Tools
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The patented EXO™ Crimp Frame + EXO-EX Die™ was developed to terminate larger cables and conductors (typically Cat6/6A) with Platinum's ezEX44 and ezEX48 connectors.

The EXO™ Crimp Frame + EXO-EX Die™ combo is designed for the ezEX-RJ45™ connectors; an RJ45 pass through connector, developed for larger cables and conductors (<22AWG). The connectors feature a Hi-Lo stagger for easier arrangement and insertion of the heavier wire gauges.

The EXO Crimp Frame itself features a patented push button lock for compact storage, ergonomic TPR (Thermoplastic Rubber) handles for comfort, and snap-in connector seating for reliable crimps every time.

  • Included EXO-EX die is designed for Platinum's ezEX44 (handset plugs) and ezEX48 (RJ45 for larger wires) pass-through connectors
  • Crimps and trims excess wire in one motion
  • Connectors lock into tool for reliable crimps
  • Push button lock for compact storage
  • Can be used with any EX-series die