Z Axis Upgrade Rod and Coupler Modification Kit for K8200 3D Printer

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MFG Part #: K8204
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Looking to improve the quality of your prints? Want to reduce the amount of printing wobble? The z-axis upgrade rod and coupler can do just that. Replace your current z-axis rod with the Velleman K8204 and watch as your K8200 prints with expert precision.
We strongly advise the Z-Axis Upgrade for direct drive 0.35mm extruder printing (1.75mm filament). To benefit fully from the K8204 upgrade, use with Extruder Upgrade (K8203)
  • Improves Z-axis accuracy
  • Eliminates printing wobble
  • Strongly advised for direct drive 0.35mm printing
Upgrade Kit Includes:
  • Precision threaded rod lead screw
  • Follower Nut
  • Flexible coupler