Gear Motor Plastic Wheels, 69mm, Black, Pkg/2

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MFG Part #: GMPW-BLK-2
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2-5/8" diameter wheels for the GM2/3/8/9 gear motor.

Take a Solarbotics GM2/3/8/9 style gear motor, add this LARGE diameter wheel, and you've got a powerhouse combination that can take on any regular servo!

Solarbotics designed this injection-molded ABS wheel to fit the double-flat output shaft of the GM series gearmotors.  Molded-on thermoplastic silicon tires with superior traction & wear characteristics!

This new design includes a 64 strip pattern designed to match the popular "Wheel Watcher" optical encoders. Just paint in every other stripe pocket, and you're ready to go!

The hubs dimension out at 69mm (just under 2-5/8"), by 7.62mm wide (0.3").

Package of 2 wheels.  Motor not included.