Geared Motor 120:1 Ratio, Inline/Offset Shaft

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MFG Part #: GM6
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The GM6 is a baby version of the popular GM2 gear motor. Designed by Mark Tilden, the GM6 has tighter tolerances and better performance than a regular toy-style motor.

This gear motor starts rotation at 0.58 volts, turning 7RPM drawing only 46.5mA. At 5 volts, this unit really humms, spinning at 145RPM and drawing 88mA no-load (610mA stall producing 20in*oz torque). Like it's big-brother, this gear motor also has a built-in safety clutch which engages at approximately 25in*oz (at 6.5V / 650mA). It also has a unique 2mm (0.08") crest diameter chrome-finish splined shaft can be pushed through the output gear to either side of the motor, and is also solderable!

  •     Dimensions: 37 x 21 x 27mm (1.45 x 0.83 x 1.06")
  •     Weight: 20g (0.7oz)