STEM Mechanics - Structures, Buildings & Bridges

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STEM kits introduce children into the world of Science – Technology – Engineering and Mathematics through a completely new learning approach! Boys and girls can construct exciting models while learning scientific and technological subjects and doing experiments in each theme.
With STEM Structures - Buildings & Bridges, learn all about buildings and how they literally support our lives! Construct different types of bridges and find out how their architecture design provides massive weight support. Discover all the types of forces applied and how engineers manage to reduce their effects.
Build 9 working models such as a house, a pyramid and various types of bridges: beam, arch, truss, cable-stayed and suspension bridge.
Kit comes with a 38 page booklet filled with scientific principles, experimental activities, quiz and building instructions! Full colour images, drawings and interesting facts. Thought provoking building challenges and exercises. Provision to write, note results and draw conclusions.
  • How triangulation provides strength on a building
  • What are the main types of forces acting on structures
  • How do trusses work
  • What are the major types of cable bridges
  • Interactive 3D instructions; PC, smartphone and tablet friendly
  • All parts are non-toxic and made to last.