Remote & Local Continuity Tester

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MFG Part #: CT20
Extech Instruments
Estimated Weight:
1 lbs.
Usually ships in 1-3 weeks
*Lead times are approximate
One person operation for wire and cable testing

  •     A bright flashing LED and loud pulsating beeper indicate local continuity
  •     Remote continuity with the use of the remote probe
  •     Flashing remote probe - two lead, bi-color (red/green) LED probe allows a single user to identify up to three wires or cables at a time
  •     Lightweight and pocketsized, clips on and hangs from the cable(s) under test without falling off
  •     Great for Electricians and Helpers, Cable TV and Audio System Installers, Alarm Technicians, Plumbers, HVAC Installers etc.