Hydraulic Robotic Arm Kit

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MFG Part #: CKR-270
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Make Hydro-mechanics a fun learning experience for the young engineering enthusiasts. This kit does not require batteries nor does it use any motors; it is powered by water. The lever controllers have a special braking system which helps to achieve more accurate commands. Gripper can be removed and replaced with the suction apparatus to pick up object with larger surface area like a small mobile phone. Well guided pictorial instruction manual is included. Approximately 229 parts.

  • 6 Axes of varied movements
  • Gripper opens up to 1.9 inches
  • Horizontal reach up to 12.4 inches
  • Wrist rotation: 180°
  • Wrist mobility: 98°
  • Elbow motion: 44°
  • Base rotation: 270°
  • Shoulder motion: 45°