Super Thermal Grease II - Heat Transfer Compound, 1.3 kg, 1 pint Tub

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MFG Part #: 8616-1P
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The 8616 Super Thermal Grease is low thermal resistance grease with a synthetic oil base that is electrically insulating and non-corrosive. It is use to improve the thermal interface contact conductivity between heat sinks, LEDs, motors, and heat-generating electronic components such as CPUs, GPU chipsets, power components, and so on. It improves the thermal interface between irregular and pitted surfaces.
  •     473 mL, 1.3 kg, 1 pint tub
  •     High thermal conductivity
  •     Silicone Free and non-bleeding
  •     Lowers the contact resistance between irregular surfaces
  •     Extends the life of electronic components
  •     High dielectric strength
  •     Safe on plastic