Anti-Static Heel Grounding Strap, Disposable, Yellow/Black, 100/pkg

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MFG Part #: 5402
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This cost-effective Disposable Heel Grounder provides static protection and is excellent for one-time use applications, including one-time use by visitors in electronics manufacturing locations, for field service and remote electronic equipment installations.  Provides a conductive path from the person to the walking surface.  
Adhesive holds the grounder to the sole of the shoe.  No metal clips or glue are attached to the upper part of the shoe, avoiding wear. Yellow color makes heel grounder verification simple. Packaged 100 per bag.

  • Low cost static control for visitors and one-time situations
  • Conductive connection between person to walking surface
  • Simple application encourages use
  • No glue or metal to mark the upper part of the shoe
  • Yellow color for high visibility