2-Wheeler Balancing Robot Kit

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MFG Part #: 2WBAL-01
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The 2-Wheeler Balancing Mechanical Kit can handle all of your off road / all terrain needs! All of our Mechanical Kits are covered with a corrosion resistant coating. The 2-Wheeler requires minimum parts to create and is easy to control!

  •     100% Arduino Compatible
  •     Aerospace grade aluminum
  •     Corrosion resistant coating
  •     Includes MPU6050 Balancing Module included
  •     Optional tires / belt accessories for wheels
  •     Operating voltage output : 9 volts (6 AA Batteries - not included)
  •     Compatible with all OSEPP sensors
  •     9V DC motors included
  •     Suggested Accessories: OSEPP TB6612 Motor Driver and UNO Board