SchmartBoard 0.5mm SOIC Prototyping Shield for Arduino

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MFG Part #: 206-0007-01
SchmartBoard Inc.
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An unpopulated protyping shield for classic Arduino boards incorporating Schmartboard's EZ soldering layout for hassle-free soldering of surface-mount components.

  •     0.5mm pitch SOIC footprint for prototyping
  •     SOT23-6 footprint for prototyping
  •     Onboard reset button for the Arduino IC
  •     Additional Push-Button switch circuit
  •     5V/GND rail for easy connection
  •     3.3V/GND rail for easy connection
  •     2 General purpose LEDs
  •     Optional Pull-up resistors footprints (Through-Hole or SMD) for I2C
  •     Spare 0805 footprint x3
  •     Surface Mount bypass footprints available on the bottom side