SchmartBoard EZ Breakout Board Set - SOIC (0.65mm) to DIP Adapters, 3/Pkg

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MFG Part #: 204-0006-01
SchmartBoard Inc.
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The SchmartBoard EZ boards make soldering surface-mount components easy!  The leads on your component fit into grooves on the SchmartBoard which are already primed with lead-free solder.  All you need to do is apply a small amount of water-soluble flux to the component lead and use your soldering iron to melt and push the solder along the groove to the chip leg.  This system makes it almost impossible to bridge your connections!

  •     1x SOIC 8-pin @ 0.65mm pitch to DIP board
  •     1x SOIC 20-pin @ 0.65mm pitch to DIP board
  •     1x SOIC 28-pin @ 0.65mm pitch to DIP board
  •     40-pin strip of 0.1" header pins