Earth Ground Tester

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MFG Part #: 1621
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The Fluke 1621 is an easy-to-use earth ground tester. For ground resistance testing, the 1621 is the first line of defense in detecting reliable ground connections. The unit features basic ground testing methods including 3-pole Fall-of-Potential as well as 2-pole ground resistance tests. Its convenient size, rugged holster, and large, clear LCD display make it an ideal field earth ground tester, for most electrical grounding work environments. With a simple user interface and intuitive functionality, the Fluke 1621 is a handy grounding tool for electrical contractors, utility test engineers, and earth ground specialists.
  •     3-pole Fall-of-Potential earth testing for basic measurements
  •     2-pole resistance measurements for added versatility
  •     Easily capture values with single-button operation
  •     Ensure accurate measurements with automatic ‘noise’ voltage detection
  •     Hazardous voltage warning offers increased user protection
  •     Clearly read and record data with a large, backlit display
  •     Rugged holster and design for tough work environments
  •     Portable size allows for easy transportation
  •     Instantly be alerted to measurements outside of your set limit, when you use the adjustable limit setting
  •     600 V Cat II