DataVacĀ® ESD Safe Electric DusterĀ®

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MFG Part #: ED-500-ESD
Metropolitan Vacuum
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  •     This newest addition to Metro’s proven DataVac® line has been completely redesigned from the ground-up.
  •     It is a complete  anti-static dusting system developed specifically to keep expensive electronic office equipment thoroughly clean and operating at peak efficiency.
  •     It is much more compact and comfortable to use than previous models and features a new, almost unbelievably powerful 500-Watt motor.
  •     The Anti-Static Wrist Strap prevents the buildup of static electricity that can discharge and seriously damage sensitive equipment.
  •     The .75 peak HP motor generates plenty of power to reach down deep and clean out even the most stubborn dust, dirt, and debris.
  •     The complete range of Static-Dissipating Attachments handle every conceivable office and IT equipment cleaning application.
  •     The ED-500ESD has a rugged, heavy duty All Steel Body designed to withstand many years of tough professional use.
  •     The new DataVac® ESD Safe Electric Duster® is positioned as a “greener”, more effective and cost-efficient alternative to the controversial “canned air” products currently dominating the category.
  •     A unique anti-static wrist strap grounds you while using the vac, and the 3-6' stretch hose and attachments also have anti-static features to prevent damaging sensitive electronic equipment.